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Getting back to the Basics with DooWop40

Written by Alexandria Anglade

How do you feel about censorship within the media as an artist?

"Paint the picture clear enough so the listener can visualize what you saying, but don’t put too much detail in it to where you dry-snitching on yourself or somebody else work."

"I can’t knock the ones that put they music out that way, but I grew up under mottos like “If the niggas and b*tches know, the police and snitches know."

How is your album coming along?

"My new album dropping this summer. I’m like 20 songs in. I gotta record about 8 more, then I’mma pick the 10 hardest ones that fit theme."

Since summer is approaching fast, now is the perfect time to drop some heat! If you're looking to add some fye to your playlist then don't forget to check out DooWop40's music!

Instagram: @_doowop40

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