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G MAYY: Crafting Music and Inspiring Change

Written by Alexandria Anglade

Music has always been a reflection of our world, and artists like G MAYY are using their craft to capture the essence of contemporary life. With a blend of authenticity, creativity, and a message to share, G MAYY's journey in the music industry is one filled with inspiration and innovation.

Drawing Inspiration from Reality

G MAYY's latest single, "KILLSHOT/STUNNAMAN," is a reflection of the everyday happenings on social media. "KILLSHOT" delves into the prevalence of self-promotion, with almost everyone having some sort of link in their bio to sell something. "STUNNAMAN," on the other hand, presents a response, showcasing the artist's confidence in his skills and lamenting the lack of authenticity in the industry.

Diverse Musical Influences

G MAYY's musical influences are as diverse as they come. Artists like Kanye West, Chance The Rapper, Drake, and Trippie Redd have left their mark on his artistic journey. This wide range of influences contributes to his unique sound, as he keeps his mind open to anything that's authentic.

Learning from a Legend

Collaborating with OG Mac has been a significant milestone for G MAYY. OG Mac is a legendary figure who has paved the way for the sound of G MAYY's generation. The partnership has not only resulted in musical growth but has also fostered a valuable friendship.

Embracing Authenticity

Early in his career, G MAYY went through different stage names and aliases. However, he made a conscious decision to rebrand himself under his real name, G MAYY. This choice reflects his commitment to authenticity, ensuring that everything he does is a true representation of himself.

Upcoming Projects and Collaborations

Exciting things are on the horizon for G MAYY. He has a new song with OG MACO titled "Bag Talk," set to release on October 20th. This collaboration is highly anticipated and is sure to make waves. Additionally, a project executive produced by AyeTwanTurnThatBeatDown, the producer of Migos' hit song "Fight Night," is in the works, promising more great music.

Embracing Change and Growth

G MAYY's travels have played a significant role in his personal and artistic growth. Moving to different states while pursuing his music career has led to self-discovery. He believes that change is a catalyst for unlocking one's full potential and encourages others to embrace discomfort as a path to growth.

Spreading a Message of Peace and Love

Through his music, G MAYY aims to share his personal experiences, allowing fans to resonate with the universal trials and tribulations we all face. His message is one of peace and love, connecting people through shared experiences.

Inspiring Others

Music is a source of inspiration, and G MAYY seeks to inspire others to tell their own stories. He believes that music should make people feel good and aims to motivate individuals to share their unique narratives.

Evolving with the Times

G MAYY envisions significant evolution in his musical journey. His plan is on track, and he has exceeded his own expectations thus far. The future holds great promise, and he eagerly looks forward to it.

The Beginning of It All

G MAYY's journey into music began in high school. A pivotal moment occurred when he and his best friend released a song during their senior year, resulting in their expulsion from high school. This experience led G MAYY to dive deeper into music, drawing inspiration from Chance the Rapper's "10 Day" project. He eventually graduated and, the day after graduation, moved to NYC to officially embark on his music career.

Genre: Alternative Rap

While G MAYY's music defies easy categorization, he finds his place in the realm of alternative rap. His genre is a dynamic one, with each song possessing a distinct identity. He enjoys experimenting with melodic tunes paired with aggressive lyrics and vice versa.

The Real Name as the Brand

G MAYY's decision to use his real name as his stage name reflects his dedication to authenticity. It simplifies marketing and ensures that everything associated with his music aligns with his true self.

Engaging with Fans

Interacting with fans is a top priority for G MAYY. He actively participates in comment sections, staying connected with his audience's response. He also answers direct messages to maintain a strong connection with those who support his music.

Upcoming Releases and Shows

Fans can look forward to G MAYY's song with OG Mac, "Bag Talk," releasing on October 20th, along with the official music video shortly after. In November, he has several shows lined up, so be sure to check out for more information. Additionally, he's diligently working on his debut album, which is nearing completion, with release details to be announced soon.

Instagram: @itsgmayy


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