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From the Military to Mixing Music: Dreamcatcher ThePrince's Unique Journey

Written by Alexandria Anglade

Dreamcatcher ThePrince, a rising mixing engineer in the music industry, shares his remarkable journey from the military to pursuing a career in music, the challenges he faced along the way, and his unique approach to mixing. He also provides valuable insights for aspiring mixing engineers.

Military Influence on Music Mixing:

Dreamcatcher's military experience instilled in him a sense of confidence and strategic thinking, influencing his approach to music mixing. The military taught him to plan meticulously, be comfortable with leadership roles, and effectively communicate with team members, skills that are invaluable when mixing music.

Challenges in Transition:

Transitioning from the structured military environment to the music industry presented some challenges. Dreamcatcher's punctuality clashed with the industry's sometimes unstructured nature, creating frustrations. Maintaining a balance between discipline and creativity was a learning curve.

Inspiration to Pursue Mixing:

Dreamcatcher's deep-rooted passion for music, instilled by his father's musical background, motivated him to pursue a career in mixing after leaving the military. He recognized the importance of seizing the opportunity to follow his true passion while the military supported his education.

Favorite Project and Learning Experience:

Dreamcatcher fondly recalls working with a Beatles-style band during his initial schooling. The experience allowed him to learn the art of treating artists with respect and provided insights into the collaborative process of creating a song from scratch.

Unique Mixing Services:

Dreamcatcher offers full session mixes, 2 track mixes, and Dolby Atmos mixes. What sets him apart is his exceptional ear for music, enabling him to identify precisely what a track needs and how to capture the audience's attention.

Balancing Creativity and Technicality:

Dreamcatcher emphasizes starting with the technical aspects of mixing before delving into the creative process. This approach allows him to maintain a solid foundation while experimenting with various creative elements.

Significant Lessons in Mixing:

Dreamcatcher learned the importance of staying connected with artists, constantly learning about different mixing techniques and understanding equipment and plugins. He stresses the perseverance required in the music industry.

Handling the Highs and Lows:

Dreamcatcher reflects on his career's ups and downs by analyzing and improving his approach. He focuses on identifying his strengths and weaknesses to consistently grow as a mixing engineer.

Advice for Aspiring Engineers:

Dreamcatcher advises aspiring mixing engineers to focus on the technical aspects, learn from established engineers, and develop their unique style. He emphasizes that expensive gear is not necessary to create great mixes.

Proud Moments in His Career:

One of Dreamcatcher's proudest moments was overcoming his anxiety and venturing out to work with other artists. He is thrilled to contribute his unique ear for music to the industry, gradually conquering his anxiety issues.

Dreamcatcher ThePrince invites artists and fellow musicians to connect with him through his Engineears page, created by Kendrick Lamar's mix engineer, mixedbyali, for easier communication. His impressive academic achievements in audio engineering from F.I.R.S.T Institute and Valencia College showcase his dedication to his craft.

Dreamcatcher ThePrince's journey from the military to music mixing is a testament to his unwavering passion for music and his commitment to excellence in this dynamic industry. His unique approach and dedication make him a rising star in the world of music mixing.

Instagram: @dc_theprince

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