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For the Love of Shakespeare!

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

Written by Alexandria Anglade

B. Faithful, a rising artist that is inspired by West Coast G-Funk and Ohio Funk is on the path to dominating his passions.

Originally from South Carolina, The Golden State (California) has become somewhat of a second-home to the talented musician.

When asked what inspired him to develop a passion for music, B. Faithful stated the following…

“I love Shakespeare and my rap flow is derived from how Shakespeare wrote his poems which is in iambic pentameter.”

Apart from his dedication to music, B. is also known for his infamous Jheri Curl hairstyle.

“The Jheri Curl is a symbol of West Coast heritage and I wear it with pride to let the world know that the classic style will always be relevant when you stay true to yourself and have confidence, states B. Faithful.

Apart from his one-of-kind aesthetic, B.Faithful wants his fans to know he’s just getting started and plans to consistently release new music in the nearby future.

“My current sophomore album "Realism" open a door to where I was able to start doing collabs with different upcoming artist around the world.“

Instagram: @b.faithfulmusic

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