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Florida's Impact with Shane Stokes

Written by Alexandria Anglade

Today we'll be interviewing Shane Stokes and his involvement with the Floridian music scene.

How has living in Florida impacted you?

Living in Florida gave me that multifaceted dimensional sauce. Look at the the whole world and you see the impact of Florida culture on the music industry.

What was it like working on your latest album?

It was beautiful...I somewhat lost my mind in the process of making "Florida Man" for the past two years while simultaneously releasing singles, videos, and creating polarizing projects. Making this album for me has been a self growth journey in all aspects and a reminder of my love for creating.

How are you impacting the community with your music?

The whole point of this album is to disrupt the current state of music. This album is about encouraging others to be their authentic self and love their own journey, not the one we're being fed online. My goal is to form a genuine connection between myself, my art, and the people consuming it.

Instagram: @shanestokes

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