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Finding Solace with Halhan Kringer

Written by Alexandria Anglade

Falling in love with a hobby is always a pure delight.

In some cases, it can always be comparable to feelings of infatuation

When did you first fall in love with Cinematography?

"At home with friends, truly, it fell like an epiphany. A strong conviction that photography alone

wouldn’t be sufficient to change the narrative. I fell in love with the Idea of scaling my photography into frames per second."

How do you like to paint your canvas as an entrepreneur?

"Entrepreneurship is a chance to elevate your gift to a greater scale. The journey of an entrepreneur consists of inspiring others through your journey, the process."

How did the pandemic affect you?

"Pandemic was a blessing in disguise. A period of prolonged introspection."

Ironically, the pandemic was a reset for many. It gave the earth a well-needed rest.

Why is your artwork important to you?

"My artwork is almost similar to a passport. It has given me the opportunity and voice to exert

influence over uncharted territories but must importantly reach the next generation. It provided

me with a sense of identity and existence beyond my ego."

If you would like to hire Halhan for your next event, you can by clicking the link below!

Instagram: @halhankringer

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