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Fa6o Rican Celebrates New Release with Babeylos

Written by Alexandria Anglade

Fa6o Rican and Babeylos just released their new single "FWM".

Dropping only seven hours ago, the MV has currently reached over 8K views via YouTube.

Hailing from Puerto Rico, Fa6o Rican relocated to Louisiana around the age of six.

When asked what is something that he wants his fans to know about him, the following was stated...

"I want people to know that you can achieve anything you want just by being yourself. Build your own anything and invest on it so you can grow as your business is growing as well."

Outside of communicating with his fans, Fa6o Rican is keeping the momentum going by currently working on music that is affiliated within the spanish music market.

What motivates you?

"Discovering how versatile I can become through different beats and vibes in addition to discovering myself through my own music."

If you haven't had the opportunity to listen to FWM, make sure to go check out the MV below!

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