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Expanding the Afrobeats Industry with Jide Lomah

Written by Alexandria Anglade

It's no surprise that some industries might be more biased than others. Especially in regards to financial support and other musical endeavors.

How do you feel about music industry politics?

The policy behind the music industry is so annoying. Like they rather promote a trash artist because they know these people can't go no where and also they need there money most of these promoters don't care about what you sound like .

"They Just need your money over again. Music is supposed to be a way of life where we find serenity and comfort , now all we here is noise. Lets change and promote meaningful music so the artist can have a good example to follow.

Ironically, many charts only highlight influencers that create TikTok music.

Which can lead to artist not truly questioning their reality.

When you don't explore different options for your future, it leaders to a meaningless lifestyle

You want to make sure that you are promoting positivity on your platform

If you are new to the Afrobeats genre then I highly suggest listening to Jide Lomah

Instagram: @jlomah

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