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Evolving Sounds: The Journey of DJ Kenneth Lee in EDM Production During the Pandemic

Written by Alexandria Anglade

Amidst the global pandemic, many found solace and new avenues of expression, and for DJ Kenneth Lee, it was an opportune moment to venture into the realm of music production. Beginning with hip-hop beats, inspired by the plethora of tutorials available online, Kenneth's musical journey took an unexpected turn towards electronic dance music (EDM), influenced by the pulsating rhythms of artists like Martin Garrix and Avicii.

Immersing himself in the EDM scene, Kenneth found inspiration in the technical mastery of producers such as Oppidan, Mochakk, and Chris Lake. However, it was not just their technical prowess that captivated him; it was the genuine vibe of their music, echoing the contrasts of urban life and solitude that resonated deeply within him.

Kenneth's creative process, though typically consistent, has undergone evolution over time. Emphasizing groove, he often begins with a spontaneous warm-up session, experimenting with various instruments to craft a funky rhythm. From there, he delves into choosing a key or scale, guiding the production process. Sampling plays a significant role in his work, adding a collaborative element to his creative endeavors.

In terms of software, FL Studio has been Kenneth's steadfast companion, but he has recently embarked on learning Ableton. Essential plugins like EQ, Valhalla Supermassive, and Serum have played pivotal roles in shaping his distinct sound. While he has yet to explore many physical instruments, Kenneth envisions delving into that realm in the near future.

Collaboration has been a transformative experience for Kenneth, offering valuable lessons in efficiency, communication, and diverse production techniques. His inaugural collaboration, a summer-vibe hip-hop track with artist Dru Lira, underscored the importance of streamlined workflow and effective communication in collaborative endeavors.

As both a producer and DJ, Kenneth grapples with the delicate balance between catering to the crowd's energy and staying true to his artistic vision. While he believes in setting the vibe and accentuating groove and rhythm in his productions, he remains committed to authenticity, staying true to his chill and cool persona.

In conclusion, Kenneth's journey into EDM production has been one of growth, experimentation, and self-discovery. From humble beginnings in hip-hop beats to carving out his niche in the mellower side of EDM, he continues to evolve as an artist, unwavering in his passion for music and the creative process.

Instagram: @kenthslee


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