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Er0s: Crafting Emotional Soundscapes Through Life's Rollercoaster

Written by Alexandria Anglade

Music has a remarkable ability to capture the essence of human emotions, and for artist Er0s, it's a means of pouring his soul into poignant lyrics and mesmerizing melodies. Drawing inspiration from artists like Mac Miller, Juice WRLD, Trippie Redd, Lil Peep, JID, Joji, and XXXTentacion, Er0s crafts his unique blend of R&B and hip-hop, reflecting his own experiences, insecurities, and aspirations. In this candid interview, Er0s shares his creative process, influences, and the power of self-belief in the world of music.

The Inspiration Behind the Music

Er0s' journey into music is rooted in his deep love for the art form since childhood. He was drawn to the authenticity and relatability of R&B and hip-hop, genres that delve into themes of love, heartbreak, and everyday life. His artist name, Er0s, pays homage to the Greek god of passion and love, a fitting choice for someone whose music oozes with raw emotion.

The Creative Flow

When it comes to his creative process, Er0s taps into the emotions he's experiencing at the moment, often intertwined with the music he's listening to. He openly admits that he often finds himself in a euphoric state while creating, thanks to a little herbal assistance. This helps him shed inhibitions and allow his thoughts and feelings to flow freely onto the page.

Early Beginnings

Er0s' early memories of his musical journey involve his cousin, dedheart, and a shared love for creating music. They would come together, smoke some herb, explore random beats on YouTube, and write and record songs. These sessions were a training ground, a place where the artist within Er0s began to take shape.

Influential Artists

Er0s finds inspiration in a diverse array of artists, each contributing to his unique style. Whether it's the heartbreak anthems or the hype tracks, these artists have shown him how to express himself and find a cadence within the music.

Recording Tools

For recording, Er0s uses a microphone gifted to him, and while he may not know its exact name, it gets the job done. He keeps his recording process relatively simple, using basic auto-tune settings in GarageBand to enhance his vocals without turning them into robotic sounds.

"I'm Fine" - A Heartfelt Narrative

Er0s' second song, "I'm Fine," paints a vivid picture of his emotional journey. It's a story many can relate to - a young person's first experience with love, the highs of romantic bliss, and the devastating lows of heartbreak. Er0s' lyrics delve into his insecurities, offering a glimpse into his inner world.

Stage Presence

While Er0s hasn't ventured into live performances outside of school events, he has a unique technique to overcome stage anxiety. By visualizing himself reacting negatively on stage, he tricks his mind into performing confidently, producing a captivating and controlled presence.

Technology in Music

Technology plays a pivotal role in Er0s' music career. He leverages Instagram's advertising feature to gain traction, relies on YouTube to discover beats, and uses BandLab to master his tracks. These tools are instrumental in helping him share his art with the world.

Words of Wisdom

Er0s offers valuable advice for budding artists: get your music out there. Utilize platforms like Instagram and TikTok to showcase your talent, even if you might have reservations about certain platforms. Belief in oneself is another critical factor; self-confidence can propel artists to achieve greatness.

Upcoming Projects

Currently, Er0s is working on a collection of songs he dubs "Alone in My Room Ballads." These emotionally charged tracks, including the heart-wrenching "I'm Fine," continue to explore themes of heartbreak and solitude, providing a glimpse into the artist's intimate world.

Er0s' journey in music is one of authenticity, emotion, and self-discovery. Through his raw and relatable lyrics, he connects with audiences, reminding us all of the power of music to express our deepest feelings and experiences. As he signs off, Er0s leaves us eagerly anticipating the next chapter in his musical odyssey.

Instagram: @sky_h1gh_er0s

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