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Entering the Mind of an Intellect with Dank Goner

Written by Alexandria Anglade

As most would say, knowledge is power. However, being business-orientated is only half the battle.

Media mogul Dank Goner created an extensive empire at the age of twenty-six.

When asked what inspired him to have a desire to join the music industry, the following was stated...

"I started developing a passion for music at only eight years old. I wanted to seek a certain type of truth from story-telling. Music has the ability to heal people.

As of right now Dank is responsible for cultivating some of the biggest names in Hollywood. By using his genius to assist aspiring artists to pursue a bigger, brighter world for them.

Complete ownership of ones rights is crucial for long-term success and that is what Dank Goner is all about.

"One thing that I want my fans to know about me is that I'm extremely versatile and passionate about creating music as well. I want to connect with my fanbase as well outside of my persona that the media knows me as a businessman."

Despite creating a cult-like following online via various social-media accounts, Dank is gearing up for his latest release titled "Swerve".

Pioneering the hip-hop realm, Dank's upcoming single "Swerve" can be best described as the emotion of hype itself. Proving that Dank is certifying his dominance as an artist.

Make sure to be on the lookout when this highly-anticipated track drops!

Instagram: @ohyourdank

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