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Encouraging Encounters with Shack Deville

Written by Alexandria Anglade

Learning how to make beats since 2005, Shack Deville started taking his artistry seriously once he entered college around 2013.

When asked what's his process for dealing with performance anxiety, the following was stated...

"I don’t usually get anxious before performances, but I usually get a few drinks in my system to loosen up. Sometimes I do a little meditation before my set begins to clear my head."

The freedom to express yourself freely without judgement is one joy that many musicians practice often. Social media challenges us in ways that can push our artistic ideas to new heights; while receiving support at the same time.

"Honestly, I love being able to express my thoughts through music. I get to put a piece of my soul on display through the incarnation of the artist."

"Everyone knows who Shack Deville is, few people know Jairon Harrison. Being able to tell my story and have listeners tell me how they relate is humbling, to say the least."

Seeing as 2022 is almost over, what can we expect from you at the end of the year?

"I plan on ending the year strong with another LP and a few more singles to put out in the atmosphere. “Big Body Rolls” and “Stay On Game” have gotten radio play and have been putting up some good traffic on streaming so I’m excited about what’s coming next. It’s all about putting my best foot forward to end this year right. I’m ready to carry that momentum into 2023!"

Instagram: @shackdeville

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