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Embracing Change with Tae Santana

Written by Alexandria

Raised in Southern California, aspiring artist Tae Santana is ready to join the big league.

How do you create art as a musician?

"I create art through hours of studying what type of feelings im trying to capture and what words best describe them. I comes easy sometimes and sometimes it doesnt just depends on the day and how I feel".

What are your plans for the summer?

"I plan to put out a lot of music this summer a lot of summer bangers and everything. Trying to shoot a couple videos also".

If you're an aspiring artist, then I highly suggesting releasing music during the summer. As majority of the population is outside due to heatwaves and such.

Have you put out any albums yet?

"I haven't put out a album yet cause it just doesn't feel like the right time but I have been working on my debut album titled “Blue Hearted Boy” so be on the look out for that".

The quality of your music can tell you a lot about the dedication that is put into your craft. Creating a target audience that will create a bond with your fans is crucial to establish a healthy connection.

If you'd like to connect more with Tae Santana, you can by clicking the hyperlink below!

Instagram: @tooheadtae

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