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Dom Pauli: Title: Dom Pauli: Crafting Melodies from the Heart and Soul

Written by Alexandria Anglade

He is an artist with a passion for music that has been nurtured since his early years. Dom Pauli, inspired by the sounds of My Chemical Romance at the tender age of 11, embarked on a musical journey that has taken him through a myriad of emotions and influences, ultimately shaping him into the artist he is today.

Early Inspirations

At the age of 11, Dom Pauli's musical journey began when he discovered the captivating tunes of My Chemical Romance. This initial encounter with music ignited a desire within him to create his own. However, he admits that he was at a loss about what to write at the time, as he hadn't yet experienced significant life events to draw from.

Creative Process

Dom Pauli's songwriting process is a testament to his deep connection to music. He often starts with the music he grew up listening to, particularly from the Warped Tour scene. He identifies a line that resonates with him, transforming it into his own words, typically within two bars. He then seeks a beat that complements the lyrics and develops the song organically. He values the rawness of his lyrics, focusing on his emotions and thoughts rather than bragging about accomplishments, instead choosing to reflect on his mistakes and aspirations.

Musical Influences

Dom Pauli cites bands like A Day To Remember, Asking Alexandria, and Bring Me The Horizon as significant influences. However, when considering the music he actually releases, he draws inspiration from contemporary artists like Post Malone, Blackbear, and Juice WRLD.

Overcoming Writer's Block

To combat writer's block, Dom Pauli consciously distances himself from the creation of music for a few weeks, exploring genres outside of his own. He waits for a lyric that strikes a chord, often taking three to four weeks to break free from writer's block. However, once the creative floodgates open, he can write two to three songs a week.

Memorable Moments

One of Dom Pauli's most cherished memories stems from his high school days when he played in a metal-core band called "Oh God The Noise." During a garage show, he sang the hook for one of their songs, and the crowd swarmed him, singing along. This intense connection with the audience left a lasting impression.

Surprising Collaboration

Dom Pauli's versatility as an artist became evident when he joined his hip-hop friends in the studio. While they all contributed short verses, he surprised everyone by dropping a full 16-bar verse from his lyric vault with a different energy than the rest of the song. The reaction from his friends was nothing short of astonishment.

A Lifelong Passion

After dedicating 15 years of his life to making music, Dom Pauli sees it as an integral part of his persona. He finds inspiration in every good song and uses it to create new music. He remains passionate about the creative process, constantly honing his songwriting and mixing skills, ensuring he never stops creating.

Instrumental Mastery

Dom Pauli aspires to master multiple instruments, enabling him to craft exceptional tunes across various genres.

Onstage Thrills

What drives Dom Pauli on stage is the energy of the crowd and the electrifying reactions when the music kicks in. These moments fuel his own performance and amplify his excitement.

Upcoming Release

As a Halloween treat, Dom Pauli is set to drop an album titled "GHOST DROP" on all major music streaming platforms. He also has exciting collaborations in the works, including a collab EP with ONESTONEDBEAR. Keep an eye on his social media for more updates and thrilling releases in the future. Dom Pauli's journey is a testament to the power of music and the undying passion that fuels his artistry.

Instagram: @d0mpauli

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