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Diving into Music with Jordan E.B.

Written by Alexandria Anglade

Summer is finally here and today we have Jordan E.B. with us to discuss his recent progress as a musician.

How did you first get into music?

"I’ve always heard different music as a kid in the car, and never really thought much of it. It wasn’t until middle school when I first discovered the works of Ed Sheeran."

"At that time his sophomore album “X” was out and I was so inspired by his lyricism and artistry. By the time I was a freshman in high school, I was already writing my own songs."

In addition, Jordan E.B. is known for being a guitarist as well. Which is something that many artists lack in terms of creativity nowadays.

"I play guitar. I'm self taught. I always say “I’m not the best guitarist, but I’m good enough for what I need if for. Guitar is fun even outside of making a song, because you can just sit and start playing a random riff and just have fun."

Likewise, creativity is selective in regards to thoroughly thinking out a clear path as a public figure and Jordan E.B. is ready to take his career to full throttle.

"For me every song is different. Usually they start with the hook, being as that’s the meat of song in my opinion, then it moves to the melody and I continue writing the verses."

"The writing can pour out of me within one writing session or it could take days. The important thing that Ive come to find out is to never rush or force the process but to trust it. "

Instagram: @jordan_e.b

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