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Discussing XFaded with Hunter Bradshaw

Written by Alexandria Anglade

Hunter Bradshaw is an upcoming artist that recently dropped a project titled XFaded. When asked what was the meaning behind the project, the following was confirmed...

"So this album is actually dedicated to my fiancé, Kayla. The title “XFaded” actually means cross faded which is the feeling you get when you mix drugs and alcohol. Now I’m not in anyway promoting the use of these substances in my album however, Kayla gives me a feeling of being cross faded metaphorically speaking."

" I feel out of this world when I’m with her, hence the title “XFaded”. Every song on the album is based upon an experience that her and I have shared at some point and my goal with this album is to relate to the other lovers out there who feel the same way when they are with their partner."

Hailing from Eutawville, South Carolina....some of Hunter's influences are from the likes of Mariah The Scientist, Drake, 6lack, Leon Bridges, etc.

Since his sophomore year of high school, Hunter Bradshaw has always had a deep love and passion for the music industry.

Overall, U is his favorite song off this latest project.

"I honestly love all of them the same but if I had to choose it would be “U” because that’s my fiancé’s favorite song."

Instagram: @h.xnt

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