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Discussing Mental Health with Symphonic

Written by Alexandria Anglade

For artists in the music industry, your mental health is everything. Whether you're dealing with infamous internet trolls or you have social anxiety, we all go through it.

How has mental health changed you?

"Mental health is forever something that I will be attached to. To give you a high level overview of my experience, I was diagnosed with depression back in 2011. I spent years in therapy. These days, I deal with almost crippling anxiety and take regular medication for it."

"I’m connected to this topic because of how many people go through this that feel alone when they aren’t. My journey with my own mental health has changed me for the better as I can help others deal with their struggles while also dealing with my own. It’s very much a help and be helped situation."

A taboo subject in the past, it is important to note how crucial open dialogues such as these are.

You never know how your experience can help someone else!

What do you want your fans to remember you by?

"I want my fans to remember me as the extremely ambitious, fervent, and unapologetic artist that I am. Someone unafraid of risks and someone who was not only themselves at all times but encouraged others to be themselves at all times as well."

Instagram: @symphowiththeinfo

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