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Discovering GodlySire

Updated: Nov 6, 2022

Written by Alexandria Anglade

Coming from the birthplace of the national anthem, GodlySire has had dreams of pursuing a career in the music industry beyond his childhood.

"Once I began attending college, I knew I would have the opportunities that I always always desired since the early days of middle school."

The Baltimore native also actively played lacrosse and football during his youth.

When asked who is someone that he'd like to collaborate in the future, in the following was stated...

"Most likely Future or Lil Uzi Vert due to their major contributions to pop culture within the last five years."

Chasing the typical rockstar lifestyle, GodlySire is the epitome of manifesting your reality.

"In my freshmen year of college, I figured that trying to balance out all of my extracurricular activities and pursue a career in music would be nearly impossible with everything I had going on to truly get something out of the industry."

Regardless of GodlySire making difficult decisions as a young adult, making difficult decisions to chase your dreams is never an easy feat.

Although the music industry is constantly adapting, being genuine will never become out of fashion.

It's important to remember your self-worth and what defines you as an artist.

Instagram: @lacuna.pdf

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