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DieNasTi's Journey: From Beat Making in Phoenix to Chicago's Vibrant Music Scene

Written by Alexandria Anglade

DieNasTi, a passionate music producer and engineer, has embarked on an exciting journey in the heart of Chicago's South Loop. With a new studio opening in September, he reflects on his musical beginnings, influences, and aspirations. Here are ten key insights into his life and career:

The South Loop Studio

DieNasTi's decision to open his studio in the South Loop is deeply rooted in his journey as a music engineer. He began his professional career in Chicago, and the Michigan Avenue and 23rd Street location holds special significance for him, offering a professional and discreet space for artists to create.

Exciting Raffle

To celebrate the studio's (Cadence Audio) opening in September, DieNasTi has an enticing raffle planned. Winners will have the opportunity for a free two-hour recording session, while runner-ups can enjoy a generous $30 discount on their first session, setting the stage for an exciting launch.

Beat-Making Origins

DieNasTi's journey into music began in Phoenix, Arizona, at the age of 17. Inspired by a friend named Ryan, who was adept at crafting beats, DieNasTi delved into the world of beat making using a Maschine beat pad, marking the beginning of his music production adventure.

Chasing Dreams in Chicago

DieNasTi's ambition led him to seek a bigger stage for his music. Initially considering New York City, a visit to Chicago changed his perspective. He purchased a one-way ticket and relocated to the Windy City in January 2018, where he has remained ever since.

Chicago's Musical Landscape:

While Chicago is renowned for its drill scene, DieNasTi has uncovered a wealth of talented indie and R&B artists within the city's vibrant music scene. He relishes being at the forefront of Chicago's evolving musical era, appreciating the diversity and creativity it offers compared to his hometown, Phoenix.

Inspirational Figures:

DieNasTi draws inspiration from a wide range of influential producers and artists. J Dilla's innovative sampling techniques sparked his curiosity about beat making. He's also inspired by the works of Madlib, Larry Fisherman, Alchemist, Illmind, and his friend Ryan, particularly when it comes to sample chopping.

Challenges of the Trade

Over the past few years, DieNasTi has faced seasonal highs and lows, notably dealing with the challenging Chicago winters. Regardless of weather conditions, he dedicates 5-7 days a week to his craft, emphasizing his unwavering commitment.

Aspirations and Goals

DieNasTi's ambitions include producing and recording a top 100 radio single and potentially winning a Grammy. However, he emphasizes that materialistic achievements are secondary to his primary goal—making a living from what he loves while providing for his basic needs.

Upcoming Collaborations

DieNasTi has exciting collaborations on the horizon. He recently worked with Louis B on an upcoming album and has been collaborating with artists like Guc Suave and Flacco D, who are set to release some hit songs. Additionally, he's hoping to convince his friend Scoom to share his catalog of over 60 unreleased tracks with the world.

Artist Nights

DieNasTi is committed to fostering a sense of community within the music industry. He hosts artist nights where individuals can gather, mingle, and create without the pressures of time or budget constraints. These events are held monthly and are free for those who have booked a session within the previous month.

DieNasTi's journey in the music industry exemplifies dedication, ambition, and a commitment to nurturing creativity in the vibrant city of Chicago. His South Loop studio promises to be a haven for artists seeking professional, discreet, and inspiring spaces to bring their musical visions to life.

Instagram: @dienasti_music

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