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Devante, the Artist: Painting Stories with Music

Written by Alexandria Anglade

Meet Devante, the Artist, a musical maestro who has been experimenting with sounds since a tender age, creating a symphony that transcends boundaries. In this exclusive glimpse into his world, Devante shares his journey, influences, creative process, and the profound significance of his latest project.

Early Beginnings and Musical Roots:

Devante's musical journey began at an age even he can't recall. From playing pots and pan drums as a baby to discovering a passion for poetry in elementary school, his fascination with music evolved into a love for hip hop during middle school. Freestyling with older kids ignited a spark that would shape his artistic path.

Inspirations and Influences:

Devante draws inspiration from a diverse range of artists, including RickyMakesBeats, Tupac, Biggie, Mac Miller, Tyler, the Creator, Russ, and the music of life itself. He believes that rhythms, like history, repeat themselves, creating a timeless influence on his work.

Creative Process and Song Structure:

Rejecting rigid structures, Devante approaches each song with a fluid mindset, allowing the first verse to unfold naturally and developing themes hidden within the lyrics. Averse to routine, he infuses creativity and fun into his music, ensuring a unique and expressive outlet for his thoughts.

The Significance of His Latest Project:

Devante's recent project, released after almost two years, serves as an introduction to his world. Thematic and sonic continuity between songs paints a vivid portrait of his mind and skills, offering listeners an immersive experience into different moods and headspaces.

Instrumental Influence:

The drums emerge as a central element shaping the project, with Devante's producer ear honing in on specific sounds and rhythms. He describes this past year as an obsession with drums, with each sound carefully curated to align with his artistic vision.

Cultural Background and Experiences:

Devante reflects on the impact of his cultural background and experiences, navigating the struggles of being both White and Black. His artistic voice and personal identity have been shaped by the challenges of not fitting neatly into any specific group, emphasizing the toughness required to face external and internal struggles.

Memorable Moments and Musical Spaces:

Devante cherishes the places music has taken him, having lived in various locations driven by the desire to share his music with the world. Despite these experiences, his favorite musical spaces involve collaboration with his two best friends, Christian and Brandon, along with his little brother Julien.

Provoking Thought Through Music:

Devante's music is designed to make people think, pushing personality, specifics, and storytelling. He aims to share his own story in a way that resonates universally, emphasizing the human experience and transcending ego.

Dream Collaborations:

Expressing love for artists from his hometown and beyond, Devante dreams of collaborating with Russ and holds a special desire to create a song in a respectful and organic manner with the late Mac Miller. He also lists Nipsey Hussle, Tyler, the Creator, Eminem, Earl Sweatshirt, Pharrell, Jack Harlow, and Drake among his dream collaborators.

Connecting Through Music:

Devante believes in connecting with his audience primarily through his music, considering it the most genuine and tangible form of expression. While acknowledging the importance of engagement, he aims to avoid creating content merely for relevance, inspired by the idea of letting the music speak for itself.

In conclusion, Devante, the Artist, invites listeners into a world where every note, word, and rhythm is a deliberate brushstroke, painting a vibrant and intricate picture of his emotions and experiences.

Instagram: @devantetheartist

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