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Defining Womanhood with Aaarii Rose

Written by Alexandria Anglade

In a male dominated industry, it is not common to find a female artist that stays true to her craft without feeling anxiety from the pressures of the entertainment industry.

How do you want to be perceived as an artist?

"What I want to be viewed as through my music and through my presentation is somebody who is trying to break all these generational curses despite the pressure."

"Growing up in a Hispanic household it's been hard to express my true self but now as a grown woman I'm finally able to do that."

Whether it's sexual exploitation or colorism, the music industry highlights specific individuals to promote misogyny or even harmful stereotypes to others.

For example, representation in the media is important for child development. Social media impacts the way that we think.

Who is your music for?

"My music is for the ones who feel left out, judged and unwanted by the older generations or by anybody. When people listen to my music I want them to feel free, to express all their feels and know that your feelings are valid no matter what anyone says."

Instagram: @aarii.rose

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