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Defining Meme Rap with TeePee6s

Written by Alexandria Anglade

In the most past recent months, music has evolved in a widespread craze.

Artists such as TeePee6s are setting the example for new viral trends.

What inspired your latest release?

make a number of “Meme” Songs, “Choppa” was like all of the rest, a quick meme song I made out of boredom but turned into a banger!! It took me 3 hours to make it start to finish.

The Sacramento native is determined to influence his Californian audience while also impacting the rest of the nation.

What is your creating process like?

"Normally just out of boredom , I have ADHD, so I could be thinking about something random, and then next moment want to make a whole song lol. It just depends how I’m feeling at the time."

What is the most valuable lessons that you’ve learned from life?

"DO NOT take life for granted. Enjoy every second of it. Love the ones who love and support you."

Instagram: @teepee6s

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