Critter Nation with Bunny Lofi

Written by Alexandria Anglade

Bunny Lofi, also known as Bunny Hay is here with us today to take a deep dive into Critter Nation.

When asked, what exactly is Critter Nation, the following was stated...

"Critter Nation is for the ones who live the lofi, no strife life can you dig it?"

"I'm an introvert but when I hear a lofi beat? Or something jazzy

(cause I love it smooth) all of that goes out the window. I start writing.

I love telling fables, like my songs 'Hey Bumble...' and 'Dusa Dusa'."

As a lover of lofi myself, I often listen to the distorted hum of downtempo tunes.

Furthermore, we can also expect new never-seen-before content from Bunny this month on the 12th!

"comfo" drops April 12th! As a Lofi artist my art doesnt stop at just music. I am preparing for podcasting for the lofi and jazz feinds like myself. I am also writing a fantasy book. So be sure to watch for the links.

Instagram: @bunnylofi