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Creating Music with Cheer

Written by Alexandria Anglade

Cheex is an upcoming artist out of Detroit, Michigan.

His latest release "Ballin" is a musical project that displays themes of literacy devices conveyed through artistry.

"My goal is to become an international artist. I want to move the world with my music."

For most people, the ability to chase your dreams is something that others would die for to achieve their goals.

"Despite my incarceration I am positive that everything that is currently occurring in my life will work out. After all, there is nothing more in this life that I would love to do than create music".

Realizing your identity during a time of need is all that it takes to become the individual that you know that you can become.

If you'd like to check out more of Cheex's music, you can by clicking the link below! A special thanks also goes out to Showout Entertainment.

Instagram: @official_cheex

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