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Creating a Brand with GloatyTheGoat

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

Written by Alexandria Anglade

GloatyTheGoat is an entrepreneur that is quite passionate about his brand. So much that he incorporates his fashion line with music as well.

Did watching the Boondocks influence any of your work?

"And yes I watch the boondocks still to this day they have influence my work and my life that show is really for the culture because the life style some of us live is literally and that show I can say it influenced me to always love family no matter what. Be able to forgive but not forget".

For those that might be unaware, the Boondocks was an American sitcom that highlighted the influence of black culture within pop media.

How do you feel about what is currently occurring with YSL?

" When you in these streets a lot of sh*t [can] catch up with you but I feel like they really hate the love YSL was showing to the world and how much they waere changing the game. I can’t lie too much I was really screaming free YSL all the way from Chicago #FreeJeffery. I feel like (Young Thug) he will be home soon".

Shocking the world by storm, many of us were caught off guard about the YSL case.

At the same time, your decisions have the ability to dedicate what type of life that you will have in the future.

If you'd like to connect more with GloatyTheGoat feel free to click on the link below to follow him on social media!

Instagram: @gloatythegloat

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