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Counting Blessings with Trayhadley

Written by Alexandria Anglade

Surviving a car crash is no easy feat. We're happy to get to know Trayhadley more in this latest interview.

1. When did you begin to pursue music professionally?

I began to pursue music professionally 2 years ago after my car accident and my cousins inspired to start making music.

2. How did the car crash change your perspective on artistry?

The crash changed everything for me and allowed me to be more perceptive of my blessings and be more grateful to current opportunities.

3. Where are you from?

I’m from the “Bucc” College Station, Arkansas.

4. Who is someone that inspires you?

The only people that I really look up to or inspire me is my family.

5. Do you have plans on going on tour?

I haven’t really put much thought into going on tour but that’s definitely something I plan on doing in the future “FN0” just remember these three letters we’ll be in your city soon.

Instagram: @trayhadleyyy

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