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Come with me

Written by Alexandria Anglade

Craftnosis, an art enthusiast from the big ol' state of Texas, is here with us today to share his love of original works with us.

"Born and raised in far west Texas, I developed a love for art, sketching, painting, and everything unusual at a very early age - around six years old. I've been painting, sketching, and making art for 40+ years. I focus on creating original works, and rarely accept custom commission requests."

In addition, Craft has used multiple mediums in his span as an artisan. Ranging from mixed media to even watercolors.

"My completed artwork pieces include oil paintings (canvas), acrylic paintings, watercolors, pencil sketchings, ink pen drawings, mixed media pieces, and photography."

Instagram: @craftnosis

"I call this painting "come with me." It came to me in a dream, inspired by my two kids, and I painted the hands off a photo I took of my kids holding hands (also attached). The background is a tunnel with dark (evil) on the left end and white light (good) on the right end."

"I painted it so the viewer cannot determine which direction the two people are being pulled - to the good side or the evil side. It's a painting to represent our everyday life choices. We must decide which way to pull, with every decision we make, everyday."

"I intentionally made the bottom of the arms form a heart shape to represent love. Love conquers everything but you must decide to love ... it doesn't just happen. This is one of my favorite paintings because it has so much meaning and sentimental value for me."

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