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Coarnerboy: Building His City's Music and Visual Identity

Written by Alexandria Anglade

Jamal Coar, known as Coarnerboy, is not just a musician; he's a multifaceted artist and visionary who has left an indelible mark on the music and visual arts scene in his city. With a passion for creating, branding, and becoming a character, Coarnerboy shares his journey, skills, and the invaluable lessons he's learned along the way.

The inspiration to embrace this multidimensional approach came from his realization that creating, branding, and embodying a character, much like in his comic books, is essential in the music industry. "Create, brand, and become the character," he emphasizes.

Capturing the Unseen: The Birth of KRU$HH AKADEMY

In 2012, Coarnerboy took a significant step in his career. He transitioned from being in front of the cameras and recording booth to stepping behind the scenes. He embarked on a mission to document his city's music, lifestyle, and visuals in a way that both the community and fans could take pride in.

The birth of KRU$HH AKADEMY marked a turning point in his journey. It was a multimedia brand that encompassed music, film, and fashion. He began by designing shirts and hats featuring the KRU$HH AKADEMY logo. Soon after, he ventured into filmmaking under KRU$HH AKADEMY FILMS, a move that took his city by storm. His innovative approach to visuals and branding garnered the attention of some of the city's hottest and emerging artists who found a platform to express themselves creatively.

Coarnerboy has collaborated with a host of talented artists, including "Max YB," "Mr. Chicken," "Dibiasi," "Big Krimmy," "Albee Al," and more.

Key Skills for Success: Ears, Eyes, Adaptability, and Passion

Reflecting on his journey, Coarnerboy emphasizes the importance of good musical ears and eyes. He stresses the need to adapt to the rapidly changing industry and being hands-on in the creative process. A genuine love for art, people skills, and an insatiable curiosity about the music game are among the skills he values most.

Musical Inspiration: Old School and Classics

Coarnerboy draws inspiration from old school, golden era, and early 2000s hip-hop and R&B. His creative process involves listening to his favorite classics, lighting up, and catching a vibe to the songs he grew up with. It's this connection to the classics that fuels his creativity, enabling him to craft unique and timeless music.

A Multifaceted Future: Producing, Directing, and More

Currently, Coarnerboy is recording and releasing singles he produced, presenting himself as a producer-artist. He's collaborating with rappers and singers from his city and surrounding areas, directing music videos for their songs, and preparing for the release of his first producer project in December.

Balancing Act: Love and Importance

Despite the multitude of roles and responsibilities, Coarnerboy approaches it all with an innate passion. He's driven by the love for everything he does and understands the significance of his contributions to the culture of his city, making the balancing act seem like second nature.

Advice to Aspiring Artists: Be You and Keep Grinding

In closing, Coarnerboy offers advice to aspiring artists: "Be you, be confident, genuinely love what you do, and put on your hard hats because it's a really bumpy road to success." His journey serves as an inspiration to those looking to make their mark in the world of music and visual arts, proving that passion and dedication can open doors to a world of creative possibilities.

Instagram: @coarnerboy


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