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Close: Embracing Authenticity and Musical Exploration in Hip-Hop

Written by Alexandria Anglade

In the ever-evolving landscape of Hip-Hop, there are artists who dare to carve their own path, standing apart from the prevailing trends. Close, a talented artist unafraid to defy conventions, embraces his uniqueness as an advantage rather than a hindrance. With a dedication to staying true to himself and a desire to connect with his listeners, Close finds the delicate balance between relatability and artistic integrity.

While acknowledging the need to catch the attention of his audience, Close remains steadfast in his commitment to being different. He refuses to ride the waves of current trends, instead striving to be known as an artist who breaks boundaries and defies expectations. His latest track, "Up To Me," serves as a testament to his evolving musical direction, showcasing a blend of relatability and an authentic expression of his individuality. For Close, integrity takes precedence over mere viability, allowing him to create a lasting impact with his music.

Throughout his artistic journey, Close has found solace and inspiration in the captivating melodies of the piano. His affinity for this instrument has led him to explore the theory behind playing it, deepening his love and fascination for its musical possibilities. Guided by his passionate teacher, David, Close aims to master the art of crafting smooth chord progressions that will serve as the foundation for his future compositions, providing a melodic canvas for his lyrical prowess.

Reflecting on his first open mic experience, Close recalls the transformative impact it had on his confidence and artistic growth. Taking the leap to perform on stage not only allowed him to connect with his audience but also served as a catalyst for his creative expression. The unexpected presence of a supportive out-of-town friend added an extra layer of excitement and encouragement to the event. Stepping off that stage, Close felt a sense of relief and affirmation, knowing that his passion for music was not only something he was capable of pursuing but also something he truly enjoyed.

While challenges may lie ahead, Close remains undaunted, ready to face them head-on with his versatile approach. Drawing from his vast musical repertoire, he is confident in his ability to adapt and connect with a wider audience. Close sees each challenge as an opportunity for growth and believes that his authenticity and relatability will continue to resonate with listeners, allowing him to forge his own path in the ever-evolving world of Hip-Hop.

Close's journey as an artist is a testament to the power of embracing individuality, staying true to oneself, and exploring the depths of musical expression. With each step forward, he proves that it is possible to create meaningful and impactful music while remaining authentic and true to his vision. As Close continues to challenge the norms and expand his artistic horizons, his unique voice will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on the Hip-Hop landscape.

Instagram: @closeasitgets_

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