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Chatting it up with Taaylee

Updated: May 10, 2022

Written by Alexandria Anglade

As summer quickly approaches, we were luckily able to have rising artist Taaylee stop by for an interview!

  1. So Taaylee, can you tell us where you're from?

"It's Taaylee you know me! Country girl from the V - Virginia that is, a small town in the 434 to be exact! Though I'm currently residing in the Queen City of Charlotte [4s UP]!"

2. Are you currently working on any new music?

"At the moment, I'm preparing the launch of my music education business! I aspire to teach fellow independent artists/producers/engineers on profiting independently while branding their authentic-selves! Check out @taastemakersmusic on Instagram for future details!"

3. What hobbies do you have outside of music?

"I'm a nail tech! Taaysty Transformations is my custom, hand-painted press-on nail service! Nail care has always been important to me! It being highly influenced by my mother, often spent sharing endless conversations and laughs along with my little sister!"

"So during the pandemic, I took nail care into my own hands! To enjoy the Taaysty Experience follow @taaystytransformations on Instagram for more information services provided!"

"I love to fellowship through faith, and spend quality time with my family and friends! I'm an engineer during the day, receiving my B.S. in Computer Engineering from the illustrious North Carolina A&T! I've also just became a dog mom to a pitbull puppy :)"

4. What is a quote that you live by?

""Do right, and right will come by you!" ~ my great-grandmother Annie Belle

"I feel my purpose is to walk in faith with love and genuineness, to inspire others to create their own normals outside of what society has considered as such!"

"Encouraging others to stay loyal to their hopes and dreams!"

5. How many projects have you released in the past five years?

"I've shared 7 completed projects with the world - 6 singles and an EP titled '24/7', released last year on my birthday 7/24! '24/7' is a neotrap love story - beginning with an introduction to who to I am, followed by the choice of deciding on whether to be a bad ass or a simp with 'Wassup?' and 'You Up?', and peacefully ending with an Afro-beat inspired track "Down 4 Me'! Available NOW on All Streaming Platforms!"


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