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Chatting it up with Boogie

Written by Alexandria Anglade

Luckily, we had the lovely pleasure to chat it up with aspiring artist Boogie. Below are his responses from some intriguing questions that we asked him here at Emoclique HQ.

1. What’s your background ? how was it growing up ?

Small city kid from Eutawville population is like 300 people and some change. It was really frustrating growing up especially as a middle child. In a place like Eutawville you don’t grow up with the perfect mentors or people to show you the right way or any way. Also, you have to learn a lot of things upon your own.

2. what’s your take on being an independent artist and whats some tips you have for other artists trying to get some buzz ?

I feel like being an independent artist is a good and a bad thing depending on what kind of person you are. It can be a good thing because you have FULL creative control in the direction your career is going and you can have the last say in any decisions made.

You become your own boss. It can be a bad thing to an artist who procrastinates a lot in getting things done. Not to mention coming out your own pockets for EVERYTHING versus you being backed by a label.

3. How was it like recording bandcamp business and where did the inspiration for this tape come from ?

Bandcamp business started off as me recording for my album “Heart Of The Hill”. In the process I felt I just was taking too long to drop so I gathered some of the songs I had already recorded and dropped again

4. So about the upcoming album “Heart Of The Hill”, when can your listeners expect that ?

This year for sure I’ve been teasing it for almost a year now so I feel I owe that to my people.

5. What do you want your listeners to take from your music from here on out ? I want them to understand the value of elevating your life and wanting more for yourself

.Instagram: @bandcampboogie

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