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Chasing the Finish Line with Yung Vec

Written by Alexandria Anglade

Today we have with us the 22 year old viral TikToker Yung Vec and his chase to stardom.

1.What inspired you to join TikTok?

I had been on TikTok since 2018 and never posted but everyday I would see the most random people doing the simplest **** and going viral, gaining followings, and making money. So I thought, "Why can't that be me?" and started posting with that in mind.

2. What does your daily schedule consist of?

Wake up, get ready for the day and go out and get food and pass some locations I might think might be good for a video, go over ideas, etc. Hanging out with friends helps me find situations to act out or be inspired.

3. What is something that you want your friends to know about you?

That I'm actually nice in person despite my online persona, so they shouldn't be afraid to approach me if they see me in public. I don't know how many times I get DMs people say they saw me somewhere but were scared to come hi, it's perfectly fine. I love meeting fans and faking photos if they want.

4. How did you grow your socials?

Consistency is the biggest thing. I started 0 a year ago and from the beginning I just always believed in myself and what I was doing even if my first post 2 views I kept posting and eventually you find something that sticks.

5. Where were you raised?

I grew up in Florida. I started in Miami and moved all the way up until I graduated from high school in Jacksonville. Now I'm based in the DMV area.

Instagram: @yungvec

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