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Chasing Ambition with Parker Tolen

Written by Alexandria Anglade

Las Vegas native, with Parker Tolen is here with us today to discuss some of his recent achievements within the music industry.

1. How was the experience of being in the club with Drake and Pressa?

The experience of being in the club with Drake and Pressa was crazy! A night I'll never forget! It was Pressa and Giggs' birthday, and everyone pulled up to celebrate!

2. What is something that you want your fans to know about you?

One thing that I want my fans to know about me is that they are my biggest motivation. Knowing that I can inspire another person with my own success, is what pushes me to keep chasing my dreams and to inspire others!

3. How long you been working in the music industry?

I've been around the music industry my whole life! I was born into a music family. Both of my parents were musicians, and I played the trumpet since a little kid. But I didn't start making beats until I was about 15 years old!

4. Who have you worked with in the past?

I've worked with a lot of artists in the past... including BlocBoy JB, Lil Jamez, Pressa, 24Hrs, Houdini, Shabazz PBG, etc.

5. How does it feel to officially become a billboard producer?

It's feels amazing to become a billboard producer! It's been a goal of mine for a very long time! Receiving my first plaque has been a blessing. First of many!

Instagram: @parkertolen

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