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Chasing a Muse with BandmanFiji

Written by Alexandria Anglade

Hailing out of Lake county, IL BandmanFiji is the next artist that you definitely need to be on the watch for!

When asked what inspires him as a creative, the following was stated...

“What really comes to mind with this question is the emotions I feel on an everyday basis, What others feel and experience on a daily as well. We feel anxiety, anger and passion. "

"While understanding what happiness means to us and what we can give to others at the same time. Just every day life inspires me to put the music out that I make. You never know what you’ll experience.”

Influenced by church roots, BandmanFiji got his start as a musician by singing in his grandmother's church choir.

"Well It really started on its own without me even knowing it. When I was an adolescent my grandma had me deep in the church scene. Singing in the Choir, placing me in different programs, even speaking in front of the church doing speeches or poetry of that sort."

"So speaking in front of a crowd at a young age helped when it comes to my career now, I’m so grateful of her for doing that. Now writing and freestyling I started doing that as a sophomore in High school around 2015. I didn’t take it seriously until my senior year in 2018.”

As of right now, BandmanFiji has a project right now titled The Black Sheep, which is streaming on all platforms! If you haven't had the chance to take a listen you can below.


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