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Changing the Odds with MAD MON!

Written by Alexandria Anglade

Born and raised in Philly, upcoming artist MAD MON! has sh*t to prove.

What is the most difficult task that you have had to complete as an artist?

"Probably one of the most difficult tasks Ive had to overcome is going through artist block. It’s still a thing I deal with as an artist, but understanding what can cause a block and how to work around it has helped me improve my creative flow."

" Over thinking sh*t is another way we find no results in our work at times. It’s still something I’m working through by letting the creative mind roam free without doubt and discouragement."

Adversity affects all of us in various ways.

Even if you have been in the studio studying the mechanics behind the industry, it is your conscious that will get you to the top.

While also being a community leader...

How do you impact your community?

"I feel like I impact my community by just being authentic. Being true to my craft and not compromising what I create for those who may not understand my concepts. I would describe my art as eccentric and a bit strange, so I understand that there will be those who will appreciate it, those who will question it, and those who will straight up not f*ck with my art for whatever reason."

"Art is subjective and I’ll always stay genuine to my creative flow and encourage others to do the same."

Instagram: @mad.x.mon

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