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Changing the Narrative with Hideyoshi

Written by Alexandria Anglade

How do you inspire others within your community?

"I aim to inspire my community through leading by example of my own actions and with the connections I make in the music and art circle. My main goal in creating Virtua94 and in all my endeavors is create and stimulate a community in with artist can grow, prosper and have access to ample resources that are not gate kept by an upper echelon of industry and business natives".

"I do not to aim to be the lime light DJ or center of attention of my brand but to rather set an example for a younger generation on how to control the rights to their own music and business and be able to accomplish what they set out to do with nothing more than a small team, some direction and hard work".

"We aim to see a culture that is for and controlled by the artists involved at the highest level. Through stimulating this culture we hope to embrace and show how art and creation of such grass route communities is a model for positive care and activity for a better future".

Creating events for the locals within your community is no easy feat.

At times event organizers can feel discouraged from a lack of financial support from friends or even family.

Executing those ideas on your own time can take up to 6 months or even longer.

What is the biggest challenge that you are facing currently?

"My biggest challenge is simply funding the events and projects that I do not seek to actively monetarily profit from. With that being said, while it is a challenge, it is completely doable when we work together as a community with a similar cause and vision. Confining art to purely cabalistic standards can make things difficult, for example when working in spaces that the dollar is of upmost importance".

We are finding ways to keep the focus on the art and the experience while still allowing the consumer to play a part in supporting the culture but we refuse to cut ethical corners simply to just turn a higher profit".

If you'd like to connect more with Hideyoshi, feel free to follow them on Instagram!

Instagram: @mr.hideyoshi

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