Celebrating a New Release with Btb Savage

Written by Alexandria Anglade

Fresh Prince of BOA also known as Btb Savage, has recently dropped a new project titled "Scam Party".

When asked what inspired the tape, the following was stated...

"I was inspired by Will Smith's Fresh Prince of Bel Air 90s sitcom. I wanted to capture that theme and replicate that concept with scam rap culture and add my own twist to it."

"The project took me four days to complete as it is a solo project with no features."

In light of the recent FPOBA that aired this year on Peacock, Btb Savage wanted to emulate his own spin on how the franchise as a whole has inspired hundreds of POC to set new trends in regards to creativity.

The Cleaveland, Ohio artist wants to pay homage to his hometown by becoming more innovative and strategic with future releases. As creative directing is slowly on the rise again for many aspiring artists.

Inspired by his upbringing, Btb Savage's Scam Story is a tale of dedicated musician that is willing to do whatever it takes to become a successful entertain within the entertainment.

What is your favorite track from the project?

"I would honestly have to say Swiping in Cleveland due to the nature of originality and how it paints a description of my aspirations."

If you haven't listened to Btb Savage's latest project, make sure to go stream Scam Party on all platforms!

Instagram: @btb_.savage