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Catching Virality with 3killstreakuav

Written by Alexandria Anglade

YouTuber 3killstreakuav talks about getting into comedy, attending the Thizzler Cypher for 2022, and much more in this latest interview.

When asked what inspired him to become a public figure, the following was stated...

"It was something I always wanted to do but it didn't come easily, it all started with doing actual YouTube videos, learning everything about filming, creating content, etc."

"I got into comedy because at the time TikTok was literally blowing up and trending every day on other social media platforms. I wanted to take advantage of that opportunity and use it more so towards my benefit. AleTheGoon and I started making viral videos under one minute to promote our brands."

Despite the many challenges that the pandemic has thrown, 3killstreakuav has been able to curate his brand in a way that utilizes complete productivity of monetization.

Connecting with fans is something that most social media influencers are beginning to take for granted. Once success is achieved, celebrities tend to forget the hardships that they faced to achieve the goals that they once fathomed were impossible to achieve.

"I want my fans to know that it wasn't easy to get to where I'm currently at. Figuring out algorithms on multiple social media platforms can be complex in a variety of ways and I'm truly grateful to have the supportive fanbase that I have today!"

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