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Catching up with Zeus Hernandez

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

Written by Alexandria Anglade

Zeus Hernandez also known as G.O.D explains what his stage name means and more in this latest interview with Emoclique.

"G.O.D is a name I came up when I was locked up, one day I said to myself "I've been having bad days for a good minute now, well all of that will change from now on it will be nothing but the GREATEST OF DAYS and so greatest of days became G.O.D with 2 meanings. One is that these are the greatest of days and the second is that I am the greatest of days."

As 2021 is coming to a fruitful end, Zeus also goes into further detail about his Mexican heritage.

"I was born in Mexico and stayed there until I was approximately 5. Once my middle sister had been born my parents decided it was time to move away from the broken country that I still love to this day and we migrated first to California long Beach and then to Texas until we finally settled in New Jersey."

Furthermore, the no-genre artist sees a future of all music fans coming together in joyous harmony to enjoy all types of creativity.

"My end game goal is to see my grandparents...I haven't had the opportunity to see them in over sixteen years. Capitalism drives this country [the US] and without money, you unfortunately can't do anything."

Instagram: @g.o.dzeus

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