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Catching up with Diego Ave

Written by Alexandria Anglade

Today we have with us the multi-faceted Diego Ave, who is here today to discuss his trials and tribulations throughout the music industry.

How many nominations do you currently have?

"I have three Grammy nominations. Two were for engineering for Calle 13's album called 'entree Los que quieran'. That third one was for Post Malone's album 'Beers Bongs and Bentleys". Unfortunately , I lost that one, haha. I also am 11x platinum."

Although Diego has been in the industry for almost more than a decade, he has no plans at all to retire from music. Which is quite surprising to say the least!

How did the pandemic affect your craft?

"The pandemic had every artist recording more than usual since no one was doing shows. Because of that the needs for beats skyrocketed. I had a lot of placements that year despite of current events."

In addition, we also go to ask Diego his take on the current state of music in regards to streaming and TikTok.

"I think it's very hard to determine where the state of music is going right now. The length of the songs are definitely getting shorter. I feel like the world is deprived of unique beats. So as long as I'm producing, I will continue to try and push the envelope of music."

Instagram: @diegoave


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