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Catching up with CTC DON

Written by Alexandria Anglade

CTC DON is from the Westside of Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

In the same manner, his music stands for inspiring those that feel is if they do not have a voice.

"I want my music to stand for something you know? To really be able to have as many fans as possible and impact others".

What was the inspiration behind your latest project?

"Just want to let the people know we coming and if they ain’t with us they in our the way."

If you're questioning the reality of achieving your goals. It takes time. Everyone's success cannot be replicated. It is your responsibility, as the artist to create your own scene.

If not, then a re-evaluation about your career is advisable.

If you'd like to follow CTC DON on all social media platforms you can by clicking the hyperlink below!

Instagram: @ctc_don

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