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Catching up to Success with Sage, the Protagonist

Written by Alexandria Anglade

Being black in America means living in a different world than the majority.

Today we'll be interviewing aspiring artist Sage, the Protagonist and much more in this latest interview.

As a person of color, what obstacles do you face on a daily basis?

"Being young and black in America is somewhat schizophrenic. Having to constantly change how I talk and act around certain people just to gain respect from them can be very taxing.

Especially being known somewhat around the city, it can be hard to essentially change faces when I’m out with one group of friends and run into another".

"I am someone who is very true to themselves. I don’t live to impress others or follow other people’s path".

"When it comes to wanting to excel at places I work, or get what I want out of a situation it’s hard to come up with any other solution other than “fake it till you make it”.

Ultimately I’ve come up with a work around to the current social climate. As long as I stay true to my core values, morals, and beliefs, it doesn’t matter what I do".

The Milwaukee native is no stranger to putting his emotions to good use.

Creating music is an excellent form of communicating with the youth and inspiring others to make a change.

What is the message behind your music?

"The message behind my music can be found in my mission statement. Influence and inspire all people to the betterment of themselves through art and entertainment.

We currently live in the most fatherless generation.

"I don’t mean lack of a father figure in the home. I mean it is so easy now to essentially be raised by strangers on the internet. People that don’t actually know what they’re talking about or doing, and how it effects the world they influence".

"I want to be one of the diamonds in the rough. My goal is for people to know it’s okay to be themselves, chase their dreams, not blend into the crowd. Everyone is the protagonist of their own story, so why are they trying to live some else life? Or worse live to be an extra in someone else’s story?"

Determining your own narrative and ignoring society's typical stereotypes will furnish your ideas into existence.

Being a story-teller is more than just your trauma. It is also your happy moments as well.

If you'd like to connect with Sage, feel free to click on the hyperlink below!

Instagram: @sage_the_protagonist,theprotagonist/panic-attack?fbclid=PAAaagR_qpV_JVVpc9bbxXEhK1gqDGuzqYKJ9R9yFRdbGZH6ZMaWm341c-abc

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