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Catching a Vibe with Tha Lonewolf

Written by Alexandria Anglade

Born and raised in Waterloo, IA Tha Lonewolf began pursuing music professionally after dropping out of community college.

Basing his artistry integrity around worldly events, Wolf has an interest in sparking creativity amongst his peers.

Especially in a time period where censorship is running rampant, Tha Lonewolf's music stands for those that may not have a platform to speak their mind.

"Creativity as an artist is so important, it's what really gets that spark going for all of us that are simply just trying to tell our stories without shame from the public eye."

If you as an artist are struggling to catch a vibe. Listening to Tha Lonewolf's music will definitely help! Make sure to check out the link below.

Instagram: @thaonlylonewolf

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