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Catching a Vibe with Juan da Gawd

Written by Alexandria Anglade

From pursuing dreams of becoming a basketball star to becoming an artist, Juan da Gawd is here with us today to provide some insight about his eccentric lifestyle.

What made you decide to start doing music?

"After basketball games in high school, my teammates and I would freestyle on the school bus often. I guess you could say that's where the magic really began."

Unfortunately, once Juan's ACL was torn during his senior year of high school things began to change drastically for him...

"Basketball was my passion but after tearing my ACL my senior year my motivation was gone from basketball and everything. I eventually got incarcerated for my whole 20s for bank robbery. I decided to write and read a lot and honed my rap skills. So I been hard at work every since trying to make my mark."

Besides these setbacks, Juan da Gawd's growth is an inspiration to many. It's almost never too late to follow your ambitions.

What do you want to achieve from music?

"I just want my music to reach the world... I’m not looking to get signed unless it was a distribution deal. Just trying to get my music out to the world whether they love it or hate."

Instagram: @juandagawd

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