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Carrying on Ohtrapstar's Legacy with AyoDylan

Written by Alexandria Anglade

South Florida musician, AyoDylan is here with us today to give us some insight into what inspired him to join the music industry, how Ohtrapstar's death impacted him, and much more in this latest interview.

When asked what inspired him to join the music industry, the following was stated...

"I've been into music since I was in 6th grade when I joined my first rock band. I played a lot of local gigs but wasn't really into the industry/business side of things."

" When I discovered hip-hop, I fell in love with it and wanted to make it my full time job. That's what made me look into the industry side of things, learning all about social media, how labels work, live show promotion...anything that could make doing what I love a full time job."

In addition, AyoDylan was also able to describe his plans for the next five years in regards to personal growth and his music career.

"I always seem to BE a version of myself that the person I was three years ago would look up to. Right now, I look up to people that who are going on tour, playing festivals, and have large followings back to back. So I can only imagine that in FIVE years, I'll be doing all that and more."

How did OhTrapstar's death impact you?

"OhTrapstar's death was surprising to say the least, and a tragedy would be an understatement. There is nothing harder to watch than a mother mourn the death of her son, surrounding by his friends saying that she wished it was her and not him..."

"OhTrapstar was the most original person that I knew and no one will ever be like him again. He influenced me in so many ways; in fashion, music, the way that he talked, how he greeted people and always made everyone in the room feel important. All things that I tried to adopt into my life."

"When I heard he passed away so suddenly, I didn't believe it. Never in a million years did I think OhTrapstar wouldn't be here anymore. Trap and I weren't even everyday homies and he still crosses my mind every day. My main concern is to honor his legacy and help his loved ones anyway that I can."

What motto do you live by?

" 'Earn your weeknd' a personal trainer named Justin Humble told me that one time on a boat in Miami. He was referring to working hard towards your goals, (in his case fitness) during the week means you can give a little on the weekends, have fun, remember why you do what you do."

"Because if you don't enjoy doing your craft anymore, it's not likely you'll be in it for the long run. And I am in it for the long run."

What projects are you currently working on?

"Right now I have a few singles lined up, starting with the last song me and OhTrapstar ever recorded together and then followed by some stand alone singles. At some point in there I'm going to drop my favorite song 'nightmare baby' featuring Smokepurpp, but I'm going to just surprise you all with that. Keep you on your toes!"

Instagram: @ayodylanofficial

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