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Capturing the Moment with KevGala

Written by Dwight Harris Jr.

Today we are featuring a videographer/photographer who’s been steadily collaborating with some of the biggest names in entertainment. Here’s more information on how KevGala has been keeping steady.

Where are you located?

Currently I’m located in New Jersey. Recently I’ve been working in New York, Miami, and LA putting in; expanding the brand and myself.

Do you have plans to work outside of the U.S.?

That’s definitely in the process. I was recently published in British newspapers, so the chances of working international are not-so slim anymore. I’d love to put in some time in Paris, London, Tokyo…definitely on the bucket list.

What are some obstacles that you face on a daily basis?

For the most part…I’m focused on trying to elevate myself as well as my portfolio and finding new ways to take it to the top. As a creative, we tend to get stuck at one point and that may be the most difficult obstacle we face. Once you overcome that though, I feel there’s nothing you can’t do.

Who has been your biggest clients within the past five years?

I’ve worked with a bunch of people in the game in the past five years. I’d like to think Bad Bunny and Cardi B were the biggest names I’ve been able to engage with so far!

What are you currently working on?

Currently, I have a few projects in the works with some pretty big artists in the game. I can’t say who just yet because of NDA’s but definitely be on the lookout.

You’ll be surprised when you see who I’ve been active with next!

Instagram: @thekevgala

Photo taken by Adrian Universe

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