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CALLJIMBOFIRST: Making Raw and Emotionally Charged Music

Written by Alexandria Anglade

CALLJIMBOFIRST, a passionate musician and producer, has been immersed in music since a young age. His true passion for the craft emerged in middle school when he started writing music and producing beats. Fueled by a vision of himself as a successful artist, he embarked on a career in music. In an exclusive interview, CALLJIMBOFIRST shares insights into his songwriting process, musical influences, and the profound moments that have shaped his musical journey.

Discovering the True Passion for Music

From childhood, CALLJIMBOFIRST had an intense love for music, but it was in seventh and eighth grade that he realized it was his true passion. It was during this period that he began writing music and crafting beats. The vision of himself as a successful artist remained a constant presence in his mind, leading him to pursue a career in music and strive towards achieving his goals.

Raw Emotions and Creative Process

CALLJIMBOFIRST's songwriting process is deeply rooted in his thoughts and emotions. Whether he is creating beats or recording songs, he taps into his innermost feelings to produce raw and authentic music. Most of his production is done from scratch, while his skills as a graphic designer sometimes inspire certain emotions or moods that serve as a catalyst for his creative process. By drawing from his thoughts and emotions, CALLJIMBOFIRST aims to create music that resonates with listeners on a profound level.

Influences and the Formation of a Unique Sound

A wide range of musical genres and artists have shaped CALLJIMBOFIRST's musical style. However, it is within the realm of trap music that he found his true calling. Influenced primarily by Gucci Mane and Travis Scott, he aspires to create music within the same vein. Additionally, his background in playing the trumpet and violin, as well as his ability to read music, has contributed to his unique sound. Although these influences are integrated subconsciously, they naturally seep into his music, forming an integral part of his creative expression.

The Magic of Connection Through Music

Throughout his musical journey, CALLJIMBOFIRST has experienced many memorable moments. However, the most profound and impactful moments come from witnessing the initial reaction of others when he shares a beat or song he has produced. The ability of music to connect with people on a deep emotional level is what truly captivates him. When the emotions he poured into his work are translated into feelings and experiences for listeners, he considers it a form of magic. The natural connection and unexplainable impact that music has on people is a testament to its power as a means of expression and connection.

CALLJIMBOFIRST's music is a reflection of his raw emotions and genuine artistry. With a deep-seated passion for creating music that resonates, he weaves his thoughts and experiences into his production and compositions. Drawing from his influences and innate musical abilities, he has developed a unique sound that captivates audiences. As he continues his musical journey, listeners can expect to be immersed in a world where emotions are translated into sound, forging connections that transcend words.

Instagram: @_jimbo.g

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