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Brainstom Brewing with JAHI

Written by Alexandria Anglade

Aspiring artist JAHI is here with us to brainstorm some of his most conclusive thoughts and processes as to what inspired him to take a leap of faith into the music industry.

When asked why he began rapping, the following was stated...

"It was actually a book that inspired me to start rapping written by Nkosi Bandele, also known as my pops. I have been writing stories since I was young because it just always felt like the most natural expression of my creativity and my family had raised me around literature. It wasn't until I read my pops book “The Ape is Dead” that that creative instinct shifted."

Naturally, JAHI noticed a shift and began to listen to creative genius' such as Childish Gambino and Logic for such lyrical realism.

"My first introduction to rap were the Logics and Childish Gambinos of the world, so seeing this other side of hip hop culture implemented into a murder mystery novel was really eye opening. The way he wrote as well it always felt like a balance of not trying to give too little or too much for the reader to analyze."

In addition, JAHI teases easter-egg like hints as to which project was his most personal. If you guessed Cherry Blossoms, then you're ab-so-lutely correct!

"A lot of people don’t know this but the first version of Cherry Blossoms was scrapped almost as soon as I got it back the mixed versions of the songs I recorded in that time period just sounded like ****."

"I took a break from recording after that thinking it wasn’t for me until my friends from high school convinced me to freestyle in my school assembly as a joke. Since then, I became super during high school and left the rest up to the universe as of now."

Instagram: @___jahi___

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