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BIG KeDre: Weaving Life's Stories into Authentic Music

Written by Alexandria Anglade

In the ever-evolving landscape of music, authenticity stands as a beacon that sets apart the extraordinary from the ordinary. Enter BIG KeDre, an emerging artist who crafts his music by channelling the raw emotions of his life experiences. With lyrical finesse, he transforms personal narratives, both uplifting and challenging, into compelling and genuine art. In an intimate conversation, BIG KeDre takes us on a journey through his life, inspirations, and aspirations.

Rooted in Real Life

For BIG KeDre, music is not merely a creative outlet; it's a medium to share the essence of his life. His lyrics are imbued with the raw emotions of his past experiences, whether they be joyous or trying. His unwavering commitment to infuse his life into his music is what makes his work so authentic and captivating.

"I'm big on putting my life in my music. My past experiences, good or bad, always make the cut. I feel like that keeps my music authentic and fresh," BIG KeDre says, highlighting the importance of staying true to his journey.

Inspirations that Shape the Art

As with any artist, BIG KeDre's journey has been shaped by the influences that surround him. Two key figures in his musical evolution are Chief Keef and Young Dolph. These artists, known for their unapologetic storytelling and unique styles, have inspired BIG KeDre in his own musical journey.

Motivation and Family Ties

BIG KeDre's motivation to succeed in the music industry burns brightly, and it's deeply rooted in the support and encouragement he's received from his loved ones. Growing up, he was surrounded by people who believed in his potential, continually reminding him that success was on the horizon, even if the specifics were unclear.

At this point in his life, his family serves as a profound motivation. He envisions a future where he can provide for his mother, who has worked tirelessly throughout his life. "My momma just turned 49; I don't want her to work anymore. She worked so hard my whole life; she needs a break," he shares with a heartfelt sincerity.

Additionally, BIG KeDre sees the potential to empower his older cousins with financial opportunities. He acknowledges their unwavering commitment to grinding and believes that providing them with support could lead to collective success, creating a brighter future for everyone involved.

Cleveland: The Crucible of Resilience

Cleveland, the city that BIG KeDre calls home, has significantly shaped his artistry. It's a city known for its unique blend of love and toughness, and BIG KeDre wouldn't have it any other way.

"I really want to be that platform that gives people light to whatever industry because the city is full of talent," he asserts. Growing up in Cleveland, he learned valuable life lessons about survival, adaptability, and resilience. The city, he believes, gave him a thick skin and taught him to think outside the box.

Upcoming Mixtape and Creative Process

BIG KeDre's journey is currently reaching new heights as he wraps up his forthcoming mixtape, "I'm Not A Rapper I'm A Artist." This highly anticipated release is set to drop in October, and it promises to deliver his signature blend of authenticity and storytelling.

His creative process is unique yet natural to him. He is a constant multitasker, often crafting verses throughout the day while taking care of various tasks. His approach is unforced, allowing the lyrics to flow organically. He never rushes a song, letting inspiration strike when it's ready.

Focused on the 10%

In the music industry, as in life, there are often critics and naysayers. BIG KeDre subscribes to the philosophy of focusing on the 10% of supporters who genuinely appreciate his work. He finds inspiration in the wisdom imparted by Rick Ross, emphasizing that investing time and energy into the 10% who support his art ultimately propels his career forward.

Long-Term Goals and Platinum 5ive Music Group

BIG KeDre has ambitious long-term goals for his career. He envisions building Platinum 5ive Music Group into an empire, a brand that also represents a close-knit family and the essence of Cleveland. He aims to be respected not only as an artist but also as a savvy businessman. Ultimately, he wants to create opportunities for the next generation of talent, passing on the torch and sharing the knowledge he's acquired.

The Unwavering Support System

BIG KeDre's journey is buoyed by the unwavering support of his fans, inner circle, and the many producers who eagerly seek collaborations with him. Their belief in his talent and potential fuels his determination to keep pushing forward.

"Being an unsigned artist is hard, especially when you know your music is fire," BIG KeDre admits, acknowledging the challenges that come with being an independent artist. However, his resilience and the unwavering support of those who believe in him continue to propel him forward.

The Future of Cleveland's Music Scene

BIG KeDre's vision extends beyond his own success; he sees himself as a key figure in the future of Cleveland's music scene. He believes that through collaboration and mentorship, the talents of Cleveland's artists will shine brightly on the national stage. He credits the collaborative spirit of talented individuals like Marr Visuals, Mattkey, Debake, AP Terry, Benzo, Ojay, Tay, Rome, and others, who all contribute to the rich tapestry of Cleveland's music scene.

As BIG KeDre's journey unfolds, it's clear that he is more than just an artist. He's a storyteller, a motivator, and a source of inspiration for those who dare to dream. His music reflects not only his life but also the collective spirit of resilience and ambition that defines Cleveland. As he continues to climb higher, BIG KeDre is poised to leave an indelible mark on the world of music and inspire countless others to chase their own dreams.

Instagram: @therealbigkedre_p5mg

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