Being Honest with Lou Anthony

Written by Alexandria Anglade

Lou Anthony, a musician from Philadelphia to bring some knowledge to the table as a public figure and much more in this latest interview.

1. How do you balance relationships and your work life?

Those are always tough things to balance, for anyone really. I think I found my balance by allowing both things to coincide; my relationships should support my work life and my work life should support the relationships I have with people.

I've been single for over six years so I've spent a lot of time learning myself and going after what I want for me.

2. What inspired you to join the music industry?

Music and art was always a part of my life. From three to four years old. I was already singing and reciting songs word for word. My mom would drop my siblings and I off at school, maybe around like '99-2000, and we LOVED Shirely Caesar's "No Charge."

We absolutely would not get out of the car until the song ended, and this was everyday. I think that's when I started to gravitate towards my life's calling; art and music.

3. What is your newest single about?

My newest track "Outside" was inspired by my love for the great City of Angels, Los Angeles.

It's a huge summer time vibe, the perfect drop-top/windows-down record to drive down the highway and just feel the vibes. It debuted on BMS Radio Chicago's 'Dope Urban Jamz' charts at number five!

So I'm really excited about this one.

4. What are your current goals?

My goal right now is to finally achieve what I've been working towards my entire life. It's time to reap the benefits of the decades-long sacrifices and investments I've made into myself and my career. My goal is to reach number ONE on EVERY chart with EVERY song I put out. If you don't aim too high, you aim too low.

Instagram: @louanthony_